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Mister Chicken and the Purge of the Bunnies
What Came First: the Chicken or the Shrill?

Written by David Foley
Coming soon here!

Where did Mister Chicken come from, huh?

Surely, a rubber chicken with a mega singing voice and astounding guitar skills has to have a great origin story . . . right?

You bet a bag of boiled eggs he does!


It all starts on a farm,

with a kid named Franco,

and a dog named Tugg.

When they stumble upon a mysterious tunnel with a curious light at the end of it, an amazing adventure begins.


What’s the tunnel got to do with the chicken?

What about Mister Frog?

And where did Mister Chicken get that famous shrill?


This might seem like a silly book about a rock-singing rubber chicken. And you know what . . . it mostly is. But it does have some decent lessons in it too. It’s all about facing your fears, leadership, standing up for what is right, finding a family, defending your home, discovering your superpowers, and trying to defeat mutant, crop-destroying rabbits!


There is also magic, a toy frog waterskiing on a pond, a trapdoor, a book that acts like a torch, and two epic rock concerts. What more could you want from a rubber chicken origin story, huh?

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