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About me

Since early childhood I have always used paper and pencil to express myself and tell stories in forms of comics and visual novels. In a way I feel through drawing I am capable of showing how I really feel about the world around me.
After years of making art for games I have decided to start my freelancing journey for kids books to discover the inner child in me, who has unlimited freedom to create.

Currently I live and work in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2021 January I have started my own business. Since then I have illustrated many books and I am continuously working on new projects.
If you are a first time author just strating to figure out your next book or a veteran in the publishing industry, I am sure I can assist you with a hint of magic!

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+44 7585346805

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I have spent the last decade at one of the world's largest entertainment studios and have built an extensive network of animators, illustrators, and artists. Any of them could have illustrated my book, but I chose to work with Reka. Her work quality and collaborative spirit make her the best illustrator in the industry. Brilliant colors, vibrant landscapes, and multi-dimensional characters blend together like a symphony in her illustrations. As an author, I'd like to claim that the best part of my book is the writing, but it's not – it's Reka's art. I can't wait for our next project together!

Michael Michie, Writer of Pablo Avocado

Reka turned our kindergarten level sketches into colorful eyecandies for kids. She is creative and works independently. Consulted us on compositions and brought her own artistic skills into the conversation. Working with her and seeing our project turn into a real masterpiece makes me eager to start another project with her.

Alex Nguyen, Producer of The World Behind The Pillows

Reka was fantastic. Not only is she an incredible artist, but she met (and in fact, exceeded) all of the deadlines. She was extremely cooperative when it came to revisions, and turned everything around in a timely manner. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her is lucky.

Chris Roberts, Producer of Koen Munjunder and the King of Lightning and Thunder

Working with Reka was an absolute pleasure. Reka has brought every idea I’ve had to life and made it better than expected. Not only is her art beautiful but also so brilliant to work with in terms of professionalism, meeting timelines and communication. Could not recommend working with Reka enough! I can’t wait to hopefully work with her again in the future.

Tierney Collins, Writer of Percy The Pound

I have loved working with Reka, very good at what she does. She has helped bring my first children's illustrations book to life that is going on to get published. Very highly recommended and hard working. Wouldn't say no to working with her in future projects whenever that may be.

Emily Bisby, Writer of I'm Deaf and that's Okay!

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